Place 6 of the top 10 of the Russian films in 2009 completed by Russian film critic Yury Gladilshikov

The New Times

Top 10 of the Russian films in 2009 completed by Russian film critic Yury Gladilshikov (The New Times)

6. Minnesota, Russia, Andrey Proshkin

"From all the Russian films that made some buzz during this year we would like to underline Minnesota for its multi-layer peculiarities. For many years its scriptwriter Alexander Mindadze has been working only with director Vadim Abdrashitov. But he has recently found filmmaker Andrey Proshkin who is very thoughtful and attentive to his screenplays. For sure, Minnesota is not about a hockey game, though this game is perfectly shot in the film. This is a story about the fact that it is almost impossible to escape from the province. And if somebody succeeds in it, this is due to the huge luck. It is also about the fact that even if the brothers are extremely devoted to each other, there will always face the circumstances when there will be fierce and even bloody Karamazov's competition between them", 21.12.2009

"Minnesota, based on the script by Alexander Mindadze, is made in a rare genre of captivating and not drowsy psychological drama. The film is definitely not about sport, and this hokey game with sticks and puck in this case is a metaphor. In Minnesota hockey on its visual level gives a possibility to emphasize the main psychological motive Р the collisions - with circumstances, with people that surround you, with your inner morals. As it is inherent to Mindadze's screenplays (and by the way we must admit that unfortunately young generation of filmmakers does it with difficulty) professional relationship don't work in order to dress up the heroes in some uniform but as a particular case of global alignment of human forces, as a micro profile of the whole world order. In this order, despite its obvious complexity, all people are divided like in old westerns into those who have gun and those who dig a hole. There is no doubt in Mindadze's talent to retrieve from such ethically dangerous and provoking collision the maximum of tensity and dramatic nature. But the main and great surprise of the film is in the actor's performances"

Lidiya Maslova, Kommersant, 07.11.2009

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