Scriptwriter and director - Alexander Mindadze

Russia, feature, 90 min

«I have been written off a long time ago. Now being 55 I live alone but do I really live? Yes, I have got a daughter and grandchildren, but they live on their own. I work as a security guard, trying to hide my being an alcoholic, and I am really good at it. Long time ago I used to be a famous tango dancer (Tanger), I was in the light of a glory, but then I quit. For personal reasons only, and under the circumstances I could blame only myself for. And then the life was over, although, of course, I do exist at an animal level. I used to go to different types of shows, and I even used to be paid for my dancing, but then they stopped inviting me and I was completely forgotten. This dancer would not exist for them any more. And all of sudden they start inviting me again, it has been like a bombshell. But I am not the one I used to be. However, I am on my way, and it looks like it will be my last trip. I am completely extinguished, with my health ruined and my strength lost. I am not even sure, I will be back. It will be a farewell dance, then death, yes, it may happen».                                                                     

(From a dancer’s diary)

Director and scriptwriter - Alexander Mindadze

Exceptionally private, full of emotional experiences story of an engineer Hans F. who arrived with a business trip to USSR on the eve of World War II (autumn of 1940 Р spring of 1941). The plot is based on the real life events of prewar period, on the memories of its direct participants. As a matter of fact the film represents little known blank spot of the European history when soon after the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact had been signed a short period of friendship, close collaboration and exchange of specialists started between USSR and Germany - before these two countries confronted each other in the mortal combat.

Russia, Germany, UK, 124 min.

Production - Passenger film studio (Russia), AI Films (UK), (Germany), supported by the Russian Cinema Fund, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Scriptwriter and director - Alexander Mindadze

DOP - Oleg Mutu

Production designer - Kirill Shuvalov

Editor - Dasha Danilova

Producers - Alexander Mindadze, Liza Antonova, Valery Kharkov, Andrei Annenskiy (RUS), Len Blavatnik (UK), Heino Deckert (Germany)

Cast - Jacob Diehl, Birgit Minichmayr, Mark Waschke, Roza Khairulina, Marc Hosemann, Andryus Daryala, Anna Skidanova, Svetlana Kosolapova


2016 The Youth Choice award from the IFF Mirror

2016 The Nika Award from the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts for best film

2016 The Nika Award from the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts for best screenplay

2016 The White Elephant Award from the Russian Guild of Film Critics for best film

2016 The White Elephant Award from the Russian Guild of Film Critics for best screenplay

2016 The White Elephant Award from the Russian Guild of Film Critics for best director

2016 The White Elephant Award from the Russian Guild of Film Critics for best director of photography (Oleg Mutu)

2016 The White Elephant Award from the Russian Guild of Film Critics for best male role (Jacob Diehl)

2016 The Golden Eagle Award from the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia for best screenplay

2015 Best narrative feature film, Chicago

2015 Best male role, Chicago (Jacob Diehl)

2015 Best director of photography, Chicago (Oleg Mutu)


2015 Moscow IFF (Russia)

2015 Festival of Russian Cinema (Vyborg, Russia)

2015 Yakutsk IFF (Russia)

2015 Pacific Meridian IFF (Russia)

2015 Batumi IFF (Georgia)

2015 Hamburg IFF (Germany)

2015 Sao Paulo IFF (Brazil)

2015 Festival of Russian Cinema in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

2015 Stalker FF (Russia)

2016 Rotterdam IFF (Netherlands)

2016 Festival of Russian Cinema in Helsinki (Finland)

2016 Festival of art house Russian films in Chelyabinsk (Russia)

2016 Vilnius IFF (Lithuania)

2016 Movement festival of debut films (Russia)

2016 Mirror IFF (Russia) 2016 Golden Apricot IFF (Armenia)

2016 On The Edge IFF, Sakhalin (Russia)

2016 Riga IFF (Latvia)

Director and scriptwriter - Andrei Annenski

Documentary film about amazing destiny of a man who used to be the world most famous clown Р it will be a film about Oleg Popov, National USSR artist. He is 81 years old now. Due to the outstanding services that he performed for his homeland an honorable place on the Moscow cemetery has been already reserved for him. But he will stay very far away from his homeland though. The great artist has been living for many years now with a big grudge against his country. Once he had made a decision, he remains true to it, though he suffers deeply from his own choice. This film will tell about manХs right to chose his own destiny and the price that a man has to pay for every decision he makes through his life.

Russia, Germany, 60 min.

Producers - Andrei Annenski, Marguerite Lenskih, Liza Antonova

Scriptwriter and director – Anastasia Aleksandrova

The documentary "Rilke and Russia" is an attempt to understand the contemporary world of Russia by following in the footsteps of Rainer Maria Rilke and Louis Andreas Salome’s journey to the country in 1900. It is a sort of experiment, which successfully combines unique archive material with an original approach to visual and audio solutions as well as the search for a new poetic language in cinematography. In modern Western culture it is difficult to find an artist whose feelings to Russia would be so deep, touching and tender as those of Rainer Maria Rilke, the great German poet of the late nineteenth–early twentieth century. Rilke’s acquaintance with Russia and Moscow – the first Russian city he visited – happened on the eve of the great feast of Easter and made a genuine spiritual impression on him. Rilke called Russia "a spiritual home". This is what the poet wrote about Russia in the sunset of his days: " ... it made me what I am now; my soul is there, the birthplace of my feelings, my home is there"

Russia, Germany, documentary, 80 min.

DOP – Valentine Eshpay

Editor – Boris Mnuhin

Producer – Liza Antonova


Screenwriter and director - Elena Demidova

Marina Klesheva could have had a very different fate with her great talent as an actress. As a teenager, however, she accidentally committed a minor offense and was sent to prison. She was soon released but was then put back in jail again. While there, a group of actors visited to support the inmates. Soon after their visit Marina took part in an amateur theatre performance and won the competition prize "Kalina Krasnaya". Soon Marina was out on parole and theatre unexpectedly returned to her life. Marina suggested we make a documentary play based on her life story, in which she would play the role of herself. This private story really brings forward the problems of combating crime and helping former prisoners to adapt to ordinary life. Could participation in a prison amateur theatre help inmates to find themselves in their new lives? What challenges will they face when they are released? Will they be strong enough to cut all the ties with their old “friends”? Can theatre change a person’s life? How can a person’s unpleasant past become an advantage which can then be used to create art?

Russia, documentary, 52 min.

Producer - Liza Antonova

Scriptwriter and director – Andrei Annenski

Lyudmila is a successful estate agent in the Russian capital. Her memories of the past gradually show the audience how a single mother from a small provincial town managed not only to survive but also to settle down in prosperous Moscow. Lyudmila’s story is fairly typical. In fact, like in a mirror, it reflects the realities of modern life, which forces us to make difficult choices. Should we betray ourselves for the sake of material comfort? Is it possible to succeed in city life and remain honest? Could the betrayal of one’s own ideals result in the decline of genuine values?

Russia, Romania, 37 min.

Production – Passenger film studio, film companies SAGA, Avto Energy (Russia), Studio Indie Productions SRL (Romania) with the support of BOSCO DI CILIEGI.

Scriptwriter and director – Andrei Annenski

DOP – Tudor Panduru (Romania)

Production designer – Kirill Shuvalov

Editor – Dasha Danilova

Cast – Anastasia Jarkova, Alexander Marin, Oleg Bilik, Georgi Iobadze, Helena Muraviova

Producers – Margarita Lenskih, Maria Antonova, Andrei Savelev, Nikolai Romanuk.  


2015 Best Director Award from the VGIK IFF

2016 Special Jury Award from Artkino FF


2016 European Short Film Festival of Villeurbanne (France)

2016 Amur Autumn festival short film competition (Russia)

2016 Artkino FF, competition (Russia)

2016 Kinotavr FF, short film competition (Russia)

2016 Vilnius IFF, short film competition (Lithuania)

2016 International Festival of Short Films in Clermont Ferrand, the main competition (France)

2016 VGIK IFF (Russia) 2015 – Koroche Festival of Short Films (Russia)

2015 Pacific Meridian IFF (Russia)

2015 Los Angeles CineFest IFF (USA)

Director - Mikhail Ugarov, Scriptwriter - Elena Gremina

The film is based on the motifs of the play of the same title. The script uses letters of Anton Chekhov and Alexander Chekhov, Alexander and Mikhail Chekhov's memoirs, Pavel Chekhov's diary, and also themes from Anton Chekhov's works "Ivanov", "Uncle Vanya", "The Seagull", "Three Years", "My Life", "A Joke", "The Duel". The film's plot is the story of success, the story of how a man, world famous writer Anton Chekhov, managed to break off with the family and find himself, his vocation. Chekhov is the master of description of unsuccessful families. The family he was born in and where he grew up seems to step down from the pages of his later stories. The family relationship were always painful, although the family members loved each other very much. The film will tell how Anton Chekhov faced his crucial choice - whether to devote himself totally to the family and to burry his outstanding gift as a writer; whether to take the responsibility for his relatives upon himself while he was constantly dreaming to quit all this or to get out of the family troubles and live his own way.

Russia, 106 min.

Scriptwriter – Helena Gremina

Director – Mikhail Ugarov

DOP – Alisher Hamidhodjaev

Production designer – Maria Utrobina

Music – Alexander Manackov

Editor – Boris Mnuhin

Cast – Egor Koreshkov, Artem Grigoriev, Alexander Molochnikov, Alexandra Rebenok, Yana Irteneva


2015 Best male role (Egor Koreshkov), Male Role FF, Penza (Russia)

2015 Best director of photography (Alisher Hamidhodjaev), Provincial Russia FF (Russia)

2015 Best male role (Egor Koreshkov), Provincial Russia FF (Russia)

2015 Best male role (Egor Koreshkov), Spirit Of Fire IFF (Russia)

2015 Young Jury Award, Festival of Russian art house films, Chelyabinsk (Russia)

2015 Award from the jury of the creative intelligentsia, Festival of Russian art house films, Chelyabinsk (Russia)

2014 Best director (Mikhail Ugarov), East-West IFF, Orenburg (Russia)

2014 Best male role (Artem Grigoriev), East-West IFF, Orenburg (Russia)

2014 Best scriptwriter (Helena Gremina), Amur Autumn FF (Russia)

2014 Best male role (Egor Koreshkov), Amur Autumn FF (Russia)

2014 Audience prize, Mirror IFF (Russia)

2014 Variety award for best director of photography (Alisher Hamidhodjaev), Mirror IFF (Russia)

2014 Special award from Sberbank, Mirror IFF (Russia)


2016 Bosphorus IFF (Turkey) 2016 – On The Edge IFF, Sakhalin (Russia)

2015 Male Role FF, Penza (Russia)

2015 Festival of Russian Cinema in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

2015 Volna Festival of Russian Cinema, Alicante (Spain)

2015 Festival of Russian Cinema in Mongolia

2015 Openspace short film IF (Latvia)

2015 Provincial Russia FF (Russia)

2015 Saint Anna FF (Russia)

2015 Literature and Cinema FF (Russia)

2015 Festival of Russian Cinema in Helsinki (Finland)

2015 Spirit Of Fire IFF (Russia)

2015 Festival Russian art house films, Chelyabinsk (Russia)

2014 Festival of festivals (Russia)

2014 Bereginya FF, Arkhangelsk (Russia)

2014 Kinoproba FF, Yekaterinburg (Russia)

2014 Festival of Russian Cinema in Toronto (Canada)

2014 Kulturus Festival, Prague (Czech Republic )

2014 East-West IFF, Orenburg (Russia)

2014 Kinoshok FF, Anapa (Russia)

2014 Pacific Meridians IFF (Russia)

2014 Amur Autumn FF (Russia)

2014 Moscow Premiere FF (Russia)

2014 Festival of Russian Cinema, Vyborg (Russia)

2014 Mirror IFF (Russia)

Director Valery Kharkov

After getting divorced, two former spouses are meeting at the bank. According to the divorce settlement, the wife is entitled to part of her husband's cash savings that are stored in a safety deposit box. But suddenly the door to the storage vault slams shut, preventing the couple from settling the money issue and finally parting forever. So the man and woman remain locked in the basement of the bank. Neither the surveillance cameras nor the pair’s attempts to get in touch with anyone outside on a mobile phone turn out to be successful...

Russia, 30 min.

Scriptwriter Andrei Annenskiy

DOP Karen Manasarayn

Production designer Kirill Shuvalov

Cast Eugenia Solyanih, Dajnus Kazlauskas

Producers Alexander Mindadze, Valery Kharkov, Liza Antonova, Andrei Annenski

“Short Film Corner” program at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016

Director, screenwriter - Elena Demidova

Russia, doc, 39 min.

The events take place in the House of Cinema Veterans. Life has changed in recent years, and our heroes are from a bygone era. They are almost like Mohican Indians – their living space is also a small, limited territory. But life goes on...  


2009 Saratov Sufferings International Film Festival, Saratov, Russia

2010 Docudays Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine


2010 Audience Award at the Saratov Sufferings International Film Festival of documentary melodrama, Russia, Saratov

Written and directed by Alexander Mindadze

Cinematographer - Oleg Mutu

Cast - Anton Shagin, Svetlana Smirnova-Martsinkevitch, Stanislav Ryadinsky, Vyatcheslav Petkun, Vasily Guzov, Sergey Gromov, Alexey Shlyamin, Uliana Fomitcheva, Alexey Galushko

Saturday, 26 April 1986. A reactor tower has exploded in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The Communist Party leadership remains silent. But Valery Kabysh, a one-time percussionist and now a young, loyal Party official, observes the panic of those in charge and realizes that every second counts. This is the story of his failed escape. Valery tries to leave the city with his girlfriend and his musician friends. But life simply won't let go of him. It's Saturday, people are out strolling, shopping, celebrating weddings. Children are playing outdoors. In this carefree weekend bustle, every attempt to flee is doomed. The catastrophe is an omnipresent but invisible character in the story. As if one were handcuffed and the keys were lost. A lost passport, a broken heel, a missed train ... A wedding that calls for music till the very end. Vera has to sing, the musicians have to play, and Valery has to take over for the drunken drummer. It used to be Valery's band too ... Mortal danger? Lethal radiation? Even when Valery's band knows what is really going on, they continue to celebrate. Another vodka, another bottle of wine! What else can they do but carry on, be happy, and enjoy the moment. It's Saturday, the sun is shining and the grass is green. Still green ... It's a Saturday of innocence and everyone is abandoned to their fate.


Grand Prix Golden Iris, Brussels International Film Festival, Belgium, 2011

Film Critic's Special Prize, Sao Paolo international Film Festival, Brazil, 2011

Best Male Acting (Anton Shagin), Batumi International Film Festival, Georgia, 2011

Special Prize for Cinemapographer (Oleg Mutu), Transilvania International Film Festival, Romania, 2011

Film Critic's Prize (For the special view on contemporary society) and the Prize of the Journalists' Union of Bulgaria, Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2011


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