Director and scriptwriter - Andrei Annenski

Documentary film about amazing destiny of a man who used to be the world most famous clown Р it will be a film about Oleg Popov, National USSR artist. He is 81 years old now. Due to the outstanding services that he performed for his homeland an honorable place on the Moscow cemetery has been already reserved for him. But he will stay very far away from his homeland though. The great artist has been living for many years now with a big grudge against his country. Once he had made a decision, he remains true to it, though he suffers deeply from his own choice. This film will tell about manХs right to chose his own destiny and the price that a man has to pay for every decision he makes through his life.

Russia, Germany, 60 min.

Producers - Andrei Annenski, Marguerite Lenskih, Liza Antonova


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