Director Valery Kharkov

After getting divorced, two former spouses are meeting at the bank. According to the divorce settlement, the wife is entitled to part of her husband's cash savings that are stored in a safety deposit box. But suddenly the door to the storage vault slams shut, preventing the couple from settling the money issue and finally parting forever. So the man and woman remain locked in the basement of the bank. Neither the surveillance cameras nor the pair’s attempts to get in touch with anyone outside on a mobile phone turn out to be successful...

Russia, 30 min.

Scriptwriter Andrei Annenskiy

DOP Karen Manasarayn

Production designer Kirill Shuvalov

Cast Eugenia Solyanih, Dajnus Kazlauskas

Producers Alexander Mindadze, Valery Kharkov, Liza Antonova, Andrei Annenski

“Short Film Corner” program at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016


Трейлер "СЕЙФ"
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