Scriptwriter and director - Alexander Mindadze

Russia, feature, 90 min

«I have been written off a long time ago. Now being 55 I live alone but do I really live? Yes, I have got a daughter and grandchildren, but they live on their own. I work as a security guard, trying to hide my being an alcoholic, and I am really good at it. Long time ago I used to be a famous tango dancer (Tanger), I was in the light of a glory, but then I quit. For personal reasons only, and under the circumstances I could blame only myself for. And then the life was over, although, of course, I do exist at an animal level. I used to go to different types of shows, and I even used to be paid for my dancing, but then they stopped inviting me and I was completely forgotten. This dancer would not exist for them any more. And all of sudden they start inviting me again, it has been like a bombshell. But I am not the one I used to be. However, I am on my way, and it looks like it will be my last trip. I am completely extinguished, with my health ruined and my strength lost. I am not even sure, I will be back. It will be a farewell dance, then death, yes, it may happen».                                                                     

(From a dancer’s diary)