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Screenwriter and director - Elena Demidova

Marina Klesheva could have had a very different fate with her great talent as an actress. As a teenager, however, she accidentally committed a minor offense and was sent to prison. She was soon released but was then put back in jail again. While there, a group of actors visited to support the inmates. Soon after their visit Marina took part in an amateur theatre performance and won the competition prize "Kalina Krasnaya". Soon Marina was out on parole and theatre unexpectedly returned to her life. Marina suggested we make a documentary play based on her life story, in which she would play the role of herself. This private story really brings forward the problems of combating crime and helping former prisoners to adapt to ordinary life. Could participation in a prison amateur theatre help inmates to find themselves in their new lives? What challenges will they face when they are released? Will they be strong enough to cut all the ties with their old “friends”? Can theatre change a person’s life? How can a person’s unpleasant past become an advantage which can then be used to create art?

Russia, documentary, 52 min.

Producer - Liza Antonova

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Scriptwriter and director – Anastasia Aleksandrova

The documentary "Rilke and Russia" is an attempt to understand the contemporary world of Russia by following in the footsteps of Rainer Maria Rilke and Louis Andreas Salome’s journey to the country in 1900. It is a sort of experiment, which successfully combines unique archive material with an original approach to visual and audio solutions as well as the search for a new poetic language in cinematography. In modern Western culture it is difficult to find an artist whose feelings to Russia would be so deep, touching and tender as those of Rainer Maria Rilke, the great German poet of the late nineteenth–early twentieth century. Rilke’s acquaintance with Russia and Moscow – the first Russian city he visited – happened on the eve of the great feast of Easter and made a genuine spiritual impression on him. Rilke called Russia "a spiritual home". This is what the poet wrote about Russia in the sunset of his days: " ... it made me what I am now; my soul is there, the birthplace of my feelings, my home is there"

Russia, Germany, documentary, 80 min.

DOP – Valentine Eshpay

Editor – Boris Mnuhin

Producer – Liza Antonova


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Director and scriptwriter - Andrei Annenski

Documentary film about amazing destiny of a man who used to be the world most famous clown Р it will be a film about Oleg Popov, National USSR artist. He is 81 years old now. Due to the outstanding services that he performed for his homeland an honorable place on the Moscow cemetery has been already reserved for him. But he will stay very far away from his homeland though. The great artist has been living for many years now with a big grudge against his country. Once he had made a decision, he remains true to it, though he suffers deeply from his own choice. This film will tell about manХs right to chose his own destiny and the price that a man has to pay for every decision he makes through his life.

Russia, Germany, 60 min.

Producers - Andrei Annenski, Marguerite Lenskih, Liza Antonova

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