Scriptwriter - Alexander Mindadze

Director - Andrey Proshkin

Cast - Sergey Gorobchenko, Anton Pampushniy, Anna Ukolova

Production - film companies "TAN-film" and "Passenger Studio" for "Central Partnership"

A story of two brothers from the hockey team in the provincial Russian town. One of them gets a proposal for the contract in the USA but he refuses to go there without his brother. A profound psychological drama is built on the complicated relationship between the brothers who long for getting rid of monotonous provincial life. They are both talented and they feel squashed in the cage of habitual world. But to leave this very cage occurs to be more difficult that they think...

Russia, Drama, 100 min.

Passenger film studio production by request of Central Partnership.

Scriptwriter - Alexander Mindadze

Director - Andrei Proshkin

Director of Photography - Yuri Paradise

Cast - Sergey Gorobchenko Anton Pampushny Anna Ukolova


2009 Best Screenplay Alexander Mindadze, Film Forum ''Amur Autumn'', Russia

2009 Grand Prix at Film Forum ''Amur Fall'', Russia


2010 Viva to the Cinematography of Russia! festival, St. Petersburg (Russia)

2009 Sputnik over Poland, Warsaw (Poland)

2009 Kinotavr - Open Russian Film Festival, Sochi (Russia)

2009 Moscow Premiere festival of Russian cinema, Moscow (Russia)

2009 National Prize of Cinema and Film Critics, Moscow (Russia)

2009 Amur Autumn Film Forum, Blagoveshchensk (Russia)

2009 International Festival of East European film in Cottbus (Germany)

Written and directed by Katya Shagalova

Cast: Alexander Golubev, Leonid Bichevin, Elvira Bologova, Yulia Peresild

Production: film companies "TAN-film" and "Passenger Studio"  for "Central Partnership"

Nastya, the star of a popular TV series, comes to a sleepy provincial town. She is disillusioned by life and disappointed in herself; and she looks for a fresh start in her life. The only person for her to turn to is her sister, so she moves in with her. NastiaХs arrival heightens the tension in relationships between friends, secrets are no longer secrets, and mysteries stop being mysteries. The provincial town is swept over with love fever. And then, when it seems that everything can be changed, accidental tragedy turns things back.

Written and directed by Alexander Mindadze

Cast: Vitaly Kishenko, Maxim Bitukov, Klavdia Korshunova, Alexander Robak

Having lost his wife in a plane crash, a man tries to find out the real reason for the disaster. Forced to sift through all the lies amassing around him, he temporarily foggets about his grief. He finds a flight crew who survived a crash and celebrates his rebirth with them. Suddenly moments of grief turn into a never-before-experienced flash of freedom for him. This illusion becomes a lulling trap in which he can relive the happiest moments of his life. What we can see on the screen is an ordinary life where simple things become rare and unusual, and where grief turns to joy. Daily routine to which he finally comes back after all shade in a contrast way the brightness of the recent events.


2007 Best Screenplay Alexander Mindadze, National Award and Critics Film, Russia


2007 Best Newcomer National Prize of Cinema and Film Critics, Russia

2009 International Film Festival, Reykjavik (Iceland)

2008 International Film Festival: TIFF, Cluj Napoca (Romania)

2008 International Film Festival, Haifa (Israel)

2007 Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia)

2007 Kinotavr - Open Russian Film Festival, Sochi (Russia)

2007 National Prize of Cinema and Film Critics, Moscow (Russia)

2007 International Film Festival, Thessaloniki (Greece)

2007 International Film Festival, Venice (Italy)

Director, screenwriter, cameraman, editing - Elena Demidova

Russia, doc, 44 min.

Residents of circumpolar Urengoy travel by train from the permafrost of the North to the sun and the sea. Four and a half thousand kilometres of Russian open spaces, six days of travel. They have plenty of time to clarify any question - from the existence of God to the right of adultery, from the origin of words to the origin of the species...  


2007 KINOTEATR.DOC International Film Festival, Moscow, Russia

2008 "Message To Man" International Documentary, Short and Animated Films Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia

2007 Shakens Stars International Film Festival, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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